Passports & Visa



You must have a passport for travelling abroad. If you already have one, be sure it is not expired. It can take several months to process a passport application, so don't delay in applying. In addition to a passport, you may need a visa.

When planning to work in a foreign country please remember that there are restrictions, and visa requirements. However, these restrictions vary and often change, according to your nationality and destination country, so you must check with the appropriate Embassy/Consulate for up to date information, country to country and month to month, according to your nationality and agreements forged. ProjectVisa aims to keep you up to date with visa and embassy information for all countries. Here you also find contact details of all Embassies and Consulates worldwide.


Photocopy all important documents and keep them in a hidden place separate from the originals. Leave another copy at home with someone you can easily get in contact with while you're abroad.



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