Conservation Projects

There are important thoughts that you should consider to make an informed decision about your country of destination & wildlife conservation project.

Your interests

Make yourself a good cup of tea, take the time, sit down and explore your own interests. While you are doing this it` s important to consider the various components of your identity: age, ability etc. Where do you want to go and for how long? What are you looking for in your daily work environment? Do you want to work in the marine conservation field i.e. conduct a sea turtle monitoring or do you prefer to work in the terrestrial field i.e. replanting rainforests? Or would you like to help to rehabilitate animals that will be released? Where do you want to live; in a city or in a remote area? Do you want to stay with a guest family, at a field station or in a hotel?

You find wildlife conservation projects offering volunteer positions listed in alphabetical order above.

I cannot guarantee the quality or level of responsibility of the institutions listed on this site, so it is really important that you ask for the names and contact details of returned volunteers to talk to them about their experiences first-hand.


This website is still in progress.

If you don`t find the country listed that you are planning to got to, I am sorry for that. Thank you...




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