Wicovo is a free online wildlife conservation volunteering guide.

After spending many hours myself looking for volunteer jobs  I decided that it’s time to share the compiled information with others. As you probably found out by yourself, it’s actually really hard to find independent conservation projects on-site because of all these placement programs and organisations that show up first in the search machine.


WICOVO is for

  • People who would like to volunteer in conservation projects abroad but not with an established placement organization;
  • People that have worked as a volunteer and would like to share their experiences, give advices and give feedback about projects or placement organisations on the blog; and

During the last century, biodiversity loss has been increasingly observed. The factors that threaten biodiversity are mainly habitat destruction, overharvesting, and introduced species. A lot of wildlife conservation projects highly depend on voluntary work and with this site I hope to support them by connecting them with enthusiastic volunteers. As a volunteer you pave the way to protect and preserve our environment i.e. by: participating on sea turtle preservation including monitoring and registering nesting patterns; rehabilitating wild animals; replanting rainforests or mangrove forests; restoring coral reefs, promoting environmental awareness in communities on-site.

To be a volunteer is a wonderful experience but to get there can be quite a challenge - something that I had to experience myself.

WICOVO should safe you lots of hours of research and it should help you to clarify some of your wishes, thoughts and worries. You will find information about how to prepare yourself; funding, and you will find various great conservation projects by country that do not cooperate with any placement organization.

Some of you might not even know yet in which country you would like to travel to. Every country of destination has its own exciting culture, it inhabits different wildlife, and you might need to prepare differently depending on where you go (vaccination and visa needs etc.). So, some travel advice is always a plus. You will also find some other useful information and links, about cheap flights or health insurances.

Here, you have the advantage to post messages, take part of the discussions in the blog or create your own thread.

Your part:

Please link to this site, and pass the WICOVO address [www.wicovo.com] onto your friends or others who may be interested. Because this will help to raise unknown small conservation projects who do not cooperate with placement programs in the search engine results, and please feel free to comment on any organisation listed that you have had an experience with (positive or negative).

If you would like to add your project organization to the database click here or drop me an email [janine@wicovo.com].

Thanks to you all & best wishes,


“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.”

Aldo Leopold


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